Our company excels for dedication and quality with which we manufacture our products. We have a principle focus on using the best raw materials to give our furniture a high level of quality. Wood is one of the oldest and most traditional materials used in monumental buildings in Portugal. The chestnut wood, in particular, appears mainly associated with high social constructions, and therefore we adopted it as the base of our products confection its quality both in terms of durability and aesthetic.

Due to its characteristics, the chestnut wood is able to lend an historical dimension to the furniture that goes beyond the quality that is inherent to this kind of wook. In fact, we manufacture pieces out offrom old wood blocks, some even coming to Centennial at the rustic touch that is given to the parts comes not only the design but also of the material used in its preparation. Thus, when we sold a mobile not only sell it, but above all a piece of history and culture that goes steeped in the raw materials we use.