About Us

Tradition is the best word to describe our company. Always ensuring the production of beautifull and good quality furniture, we try to lend your home a touch of elegance and good taste, combined with the strength and durability of our products. Our main focus is on the Rustic style. We produce furniture that, for its quality and beauty, shows that the Rustic style will always be fashionable and, most of all, a reason for pride in our homes. Nevertheless, we are a company concerned with the full satisfaction of our costumers’ needs, and therefore we are aware that the Rustic style is not always the one that best suits the demands of nowadays. For this reason, we are always aware of the latest trends regarding other styles such as High Deco and others that best suit the demands of the quotidien life. Thus, we put at your disposal a wide range of furniture styles, aimed for simplicity and functionality, essential for those who really like to enjoy their home.